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Police find clandestine bavarage factory in Campinas and arrest man in the act

Property that used to fill bottles is in Jardim São Judas Tadeu. The arrested suspect is 18 years old and confessed that he sold drinks at R$40 to bars and parties in the metropolis.

An 18-year-old man was arrested in the act on the afternoon of this Monday (25) in a clandestine factory of whiskey in Campinas (SP). According to the Civil Police, about 30 liters of bavarage were in the property, in addition to empty bottles, labels, boxes and stamps.

The investigation was conducted by the Specialized Division of Criminal Investigations (Deic); a continuation of investigations into similar cases - involving the sales of famous brands on social networks, wineries, markets, bars, parties and nightclubs at below-market price.

This time, the factory found is in the Jardim São Judas Tadeu region, and the suspect confessed to the police that he was counterfeiting and reselling the drinks for R$40, with delivery to bars and parties.

The man was arrested for counterfeiting food products (fake drinks), which carries a penalty of four to eight years in prison. He was then sent to the jail attached to the 2nd Police District of Campinas. He was at the disposal of Justice.


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