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PRF seizes several items with signs of forgery

On the night of Thursday, 19th, the Federal Highway Police in joint operation with the Military Police of Tocantins, conducted an operation to approach a bus M.benz/Irizar Century, at km 666 of BR 153, in the municipality of Gurupi/TO. The vehicle was travelling on the route São Paulo - SP to São Luis - MA, and already had a recent record of transporting illicit drugs in the luggage compartment, especially in large shipped volumes.

During the verifications, the invoices of the transported products were requested. Immediately inconsistencies were noted between the volumes transported and the tax documents presented. When questioned, the driver said he only had the invoices presented.

Aiming to suppress the illicit transportation of narcotics and other crimes, the officers started a careful search in the luggage compartment.

They promptly found several pieces of clothing bearing famous brands with signs of trademark infringement (product counterfeiting).

They found shipped volumes containing a large amount of T-shirts, leather wallets, shorts and watches with signs of counterfeiting, smuggled electronic cigarettes and 6 boxes containing lighters of international origin without INMETRO certification.

During the inspection, some representatives of the violated brands were called to manifest about the signs of falsification, providing preliminary reports.

All goods have characteristics of foreign manufacturing, with the main origin being China, which is why the cargo was transferred to a trunk truck, sealed and will be forwarded to the Federal Revenue Service.

Source: PRF apreende diversos itens com indícios de falsificação (

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