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Two people are arrested and 2 tons of products are seized by the Civil Police and Federal Revenue

Action was held this Thursday (25). Counterfeit goods from well-known brands such as caps, bags, shoes, perfumes, glasses and sneakers were seized.

Companies that sell counterfeit clothing through social networks were the target of Operation Fake Clothing, launched this Thursday (25) by the Civil Police and the Federal Revenue. Two people were arrested in the act by police officers from the Consumer Crimes Precinct and two tons of merchandise were seized, valued at R $ 1.5 million by the Federal Revenue. The police reported that the two prisoners are the owners of a store located in the neighborhood of Cordeiro, in the West Zone of Recife, which sold counterfeit products from well-known brands, such as caps, bags, shoes, perfumes, glasses and sneakers. The company had an Instagram profile with more than 50,000 followers. Six civil police and five Federal Revenue officials participated in the operation. "The use of social networks for the sale of counterfeit goods is monitored by the intelligence of both agencies, which carry out operations to combat this criminal conduct frequently," the two institutions said in a note.


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