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The cargo arrived in Brazil in the process of import, but was not properly declared.

The Customs of the Federal Revenue at the Port of São Francisco do Sul / SC identified hundreds of boxes containing undeclared goods in a physical verification procedure for a load of tables, coming from China. Among them, 400 boxes with 50 facial masks each, totaling 20 thousand units, were identified. The physical verification procedure was carried out at the Customs Enclosure of the Port of Itapoá / SC. The cargo would be destined for a company located in Itajaí / SC.

Após finalizados os trâmites do procedimento administrativo, as mercadorias serão objeto de termo de apreensão para posterior perdimento e destinação para o enfrentamento do novo coronavírus. After completing the administrative procedure, the goods will be subject to seizure for later loss and used to fight the new coronavirus.



According to investigators, the products would supply the irregular trade in areas operated by the militia.

The Civil Police seized on Wednesday morning (27) a truck with ten tons of counterfeit products. The material was in Pavuna, in the North Zone of Rio. This is the largest seizure of counterfeit goods in the country in 2020.

According to investigators at the Police Station for the Suppression of Crimes Against Immaterial Property (DRCPIM), the products would supply irregular commerce in areas where the militia operates in the West Zone of the city. The goods were valued at R $ 9 million.

One person has been arrested and will face a crime for selling fake products.



The Civil Police seized, last Thursday morning (7), more than 3 thousand articles of counterfeit clothing. The material was seized in a property on Rua Arturo Martini, in Jardim Marília, on the east side of São Paulo city.

The place was found out by agents of the 1st Police Station for Investigations on Immaterial Property, who found that the clandestine confection of branded clothes worked on the top of a residence. The structure had industrial sewing machines operated by Bolivians. The machinery and clothing were seized. The products were sent to the Criminalistics Institute (IC) for examination.



Products carried several brands logos; truck driver was arrested.

A load of counterfeit footwear was seized on Monday (27) at BR-423, in Garanhuns. According to the Federal Highway Police (PRF), the goods were transported in a truck, hidden in the middle of iron plates. In total, 226 pairs were found.

The officials carried out an inspection at km 94 of the highway, when they approached a truck. "When checking the vehicle, hundreds of boxes with sneakers, shoes and sandals of imported brands were found", as informed by the PRF.

The 49-year-old driver said that the products had left the Southeast region. He was taken to the Civil Police Station of Garanhuns and is expected to answer for the crime of trademark registration, with a penalty of imprisonment of one to three months or a fine.



The product was in a truck intercepted in Brás and would be sold in the streets in São Paulo downtown.

The Civil Police seized this Thursday morning (23) thousands of counterfeit Cloth Face masks along with a large load of fake products.

The goods were in a truck that was intercepted in Brás, a popular shopping region in São Paulo downtown.

According to the investigation, the truck was coming from Apucarana, in Paraná, and would be unloaded at a popular shopping mall.

The masks, made of fabric,  bare logos of famous brands and have been counterfeited.

It was also seized caps and other smulled itens. 



In addition to counterfeit shoes, 72 bags and 110 pairs of unbranded shoes were found.

A truck loaded with 2,136 pairs of sneakers and sandals with evidence of counterfeiting was seized this Monday (20), by the Highway Federal Police (PRF), on BR-104, in Caruaru, in the Agreste of Pernambuco. The vehicle had left Minas Gerais to deliver to companies in Pernambuco.

According to the PRF, police officers were making a round at kilometer 53 of the highway, when they saw a truck parked and the driver using the cell phone. After checking the body of the vehicle, hundreds of boxes with shoes of various imported brands were found.

The vehicle was driven to the PRF post in Juriti and in addition to the counterfeit shoes, 72 bags and 110 pairs of unmarked shoes were found. According to the PRF, the driver informed that he worked in a mining company and made deliveries in the states of Pernambuco, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte, Alagoas, Sergipe and Ceará. The man was taken with the goods to the Civil...


Four members of the gang were arrested in the act. In all, 15 thousand product packages were collected.

This Sunday, April 12, BPMRv (Battalion of Military Police) seized 15 thousand packages of smuggled cigarettes in Nova Alvorada do Sul - 120 kilometers from Campo Grande. According to preliminary information, four suspects were arrested for the crime. The cargo was valued at R $ 1 million.

As disclosed, the seizure occurred during actions of Operation Horus, coordinated by MJSP (Ministry of Justice and Public Security) and Seopi (Integrated Operations Secretariat). The cigarette boxes were in a Mercedes Benz MB 1113. With the seizure of the 15 thousand packages of the product, they caused a loss of R $ 1 million for the gang. During the blast, two other cars, which were used in the cargo beater service, were also collected - an Audi A3 and a Hyundai Santa Fé.

Four members of the gang were arrested in the act. Names and ages have not been released to date.

Source: https://www.campogrande...


Stealers, who are being targeted by the Civil Police of the Federal District and Procon, mix hair gel in the product. With high demand and little supply, criminals are taking advantage to profit from the sale of hand sanitizer on the internet. The product is one of the main weapons in the fight against the new coronavirus.

With clandestine factories and improper handling of flammable liquids, offenders put the lives of others and their own lives at risk. The items used in the mixtures vary from hair gel, ultrasound solution and ethanol.

The manufacture is done in an improvised way, in houses and warehouses in the Federal District. The items, of low cost and unproven effectiveness, after mixed, packaged and labeled, are sold on a large scale to drugstores and on the web. The final price for the consumer, even if it is a clandestine product, is salty. It varies from R $ 25 to R $ 50 per unit.



Original can cost R$ 400.00

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) seized on Tuesday night (17), in Russas, a load of two thousand pairs of counterfeit sneakers. The shoes came from the southeastern region of the country and would be delivered in Fortaleza (CE). Around 10 pm, at kilometer 159 of BR-116, PRF agents approached a truck loaded with 132 footwear boxes, with approximately 2,000 pairs of sneakers of various brands. The driver, a 50-year-old man, did not present the invoice for the goods. In a detailed inspection of the material, the police verified that the models showed signs of counterfeit and consulted the commercial representatives of the brands. They confirmed the suspected forgery. Some of the counterfeit models were copies of shoes that cost up to R$ 400.00.

The truck driver confessed that the material was irregular and would be delivered in Fortaleza. The incident was referred to the Russian Civil Police Station.



Clothes and footwear of famous brands are among the items collected. Those responsible can be charged with a crime against trademark registration.

Police officers from the State Department of Criminal Investigations (DEIC) seized three tons of counterfeit goods in five stores in Araras (SP), this Thursday (5).

The operation, which aimed to combat piracy, seized mainly clothes and footwear that imitated famous brands. According to the police, those responsible for the stores will be heard and could be charged with a crime against trademark registration.



Three floors of a commercial building on Avenida Júlio de Castilhos were full of material without origin, such as clothes, appliances, among others.

An operation carried out by the Civil Police in partnership with the Federal Revenue on Monday (10), found out thousands of counterfeit goods and in a building in Porto Alegre downtown.

Three floors, of the four located on Avenida Júlio de Castilhos, were filled with goods ranging from clothes and appliances, to cell phone cases and umbrellas. Many products are still sealed, making identification difficult. According to the delegate responsible for the investigation, Joel Wagner, the site was being monitored by the police. "We found several documents that will help us to identify those responsible," he says.

Further details were not disclosed so as not to hinder the investigations, says the delegate. Still according to Wagner, from this operation the police hope to identify other places that are used as a deposit for counterfei...


Operation of the Highway Federal Police in Registro seized counterfeit sneakers that would be sold in irregular trade.

A pickup truck with more than two thousand pairs of counterfeit sneakers was seized this Tuesday afternoon (4) on the Régis Bittencourt highway, in Registro, countryside of São Paulo. The flagrant was made by the Federal Highway Police.

During an operation, the PRF approached the vehicle at km 439. When asked about the cargo, the driver confirmed that it was sneakers with no invoices. When opening the trunk of the vehicle, the officials located 2,800 sneakers, estimated at R $ 280 thousand.

According to the police, the pairs were produced in Nova Serrana (MG) and were destined to Curitiba, capital of Paraná. The suspicion is that the sneakers would be resold as replicas for at least R$ 100.00 a pair.

The 26-year-old driver was arrested for the crime of brand forgery and tax evasion. He will respond to the process in freedom. The case was registered with the...


Among the found items, are buttons, embossed metallic letters, as well as labels.

A warehouse was located in Goiânia, where metallic items were manufactured for counterfeiting brands of local companies and also national well-known brands. Delegates Gylson Mariano, from the Decon of the Civil Police, and Germano de Castro, from the 15th DDP, went to the scene on Thursday afternoon (9). The expertise is awaited for further details.

Among the items found are buttons, embossed metallic letters, as well as labels of the same material. So far it has not been informed if there were suspects at the scene. More Informations soon.



In the midst of Christmas gift shopping, the State Department of Criminal Investigation (DEIC) yesterday seized 12,700 counterfeit products from stores on Rua da Juta in downtown Brás - considered one of the most popular place for shopping during the end of the year. Seven people were taken to the police station for clarification.

The Legal Commerce operation focused on footwear, clothing and eyewear stores and was carried out in partnership with São Paulo City Hall, Federal Revenue, Municipal Civil Guard, agents of the Mooca subprefecture and representatives of the brands.

Only this year, these operations have already resulted in the seizure of over 3,000 tons of pirated or smugglued materials.



Replicas of famous national and international brands were found in ten factories. In all, 10 people will be investigated for industrial property crime, police say.

Five tons of fake bags and shoes were seized on Thursday (7) in Franca (SP). The material was found during Operation France 3, held by police officers from the State Department of Criminal Investigations (Deic).

According to the Civil Police, the products are replicas of national and international brands such as Schutz, Arezzo, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, LouisVuitton and Michael Kors.

According to Wagner Carrasco, coordinator of the operation and head of the 1st Anti-Piracy Police Station, ten companies were the target of search and seizure warrants.

Forty legal representatives of the brands accompanied police work in factories in the Jardim Paulista, Paulistano, Jardim Petraglia and Jardim Redeemer neighborhoods.

"The operation system and logistics are the same as in a normal factory. They have their contact networks to market and est...

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