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Among the found items, are buttons, embossed metallic letters, as well as labels.

A warehouse was located in Goiânia, where metallic items were manufactured for counterfeiting brands of local companies and also national well-known brands. Delegates Gylson Mariano, from the Decon of the Civil Police, and Germano de Castro, from the 15th DDP, went to the scene on Thursday afternoon (9). The expertise is awaited for further details.

Among the items found are buttons, embossed metallic letters, as well as labels of the same material. So far it has not been informed if there were suspects at the scene. More Informations soon.



In the midst of Christmas gift shopping, the State Department of Criminal Investigation (DEIC) yesterday seized 12,700 counterfeit products from stores on Rua da Juta in downtown Brás - considered one of the most popular place for shopping during the end of the year. Seven people were taken to the police station for clarification.

The Legal Commerce operation focused on footwear, clothing and eyewear stores and was carried out in partnership with São Paulo City Hall, Federal Revenue, Municipal Civil Guard, agents of the Mooca subprefecture and representatives of the brands.

Only this year, these operations have already resulted in the seizure of over 3,000 tons of pirated or smugglued materials.



Replicas of famous national and international brands were found in ten factories. In all, 10 people will be investigated for industrial property crime, police say.

Five tons of fake bags and shoes were seized on Thursday (7) in Franca (SP). The material was found during Operation France 3, held by police officers from the State Department of Criminal Investigations (Deic).

According to the Civil Police, the products are replicas of national and international brands such as Schutz, Arezzo, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, LouisVuitton and Michael Kors.

According to Wagner Carrasco, coordinator of the operation and head of the 1st Anti-Piracy Police Station, ten companies were the target of search and seizure warrants.

Forty legal representatives of the brands accompanied police work in factories in the Jardim Paulista, Paulistano, Jardim Petraglia and Jardim Redeemer neighborhoods.

"The operation system and logistics are the same as in a normal factory. They have their contact networks to market and est...


Police closed a factory that produced counterfeit soccer club uniforms in downtown area of São Paulo. Part of the production was mainly resold at Fera da Madrugada. The rest of the material was sold throughout Brazil.



The Civil Police, through the 1st Sectional Police Station (Decap), carried out on Thursday (31), the "Operation Paritá" in order to curb trade of pirated products in São Paulo downtown.

About 50 tons of goods were seized. The administrative inspection of the establishments was assisted by the City Hall and the Metropolitan Civil Guard, as well as representatives of counterfeit product brands. The delegate Roberto Monteiro de Andrade Junior, holder of the 1st Section, will attend the press to disclose the balance of field actions.



Operation involves police officers of the 1st DIG Police Station (Antipiracy). The action also has teams from São Paulo City Hall.

Deic (State Department of Criminal Investigations) police officers conduct the operation this morning (10). The goal is to collect fake toys and out of safety standards.

The actions take place in one of the main points of popular commerce of the city of São Paulo: the Brás region, in the East Zone. The operation involves police officers of the 1st DIG Police Station (Antipiracy), in a total of 18 men.

The action also has teams from São Paulo City Hall and the offices that represent the brands victims of counterfeits. Surveys were made identifying stores and street trading outlets where counterfeit and non-safety toys are sold. "We are looking for products that, among other problems, may endanger the physical integrity of children," said Deputy Wagner Carrasco, holder of the 1st DIG.




The Civil Police seized, on Thursday (26), around 14 tons of counterfeit footwear during an operation against piracy in the city of Aparecida.

A team from the 1st DEIC-  Intangible Property Investigation Police Station (State Department of Criminal Investigations) inspected about 15 stores in the city's commercial center.

Irregularities were found in eight establishments and the materials found, were seized and sent to the expert. Owners of the goods may be prosecuted for crimes against intangible property.

“We listened to eight people who had possession of this material. If the reports prove the counterfeiting, these people will be prosecuted, ”said Chief Officer Wagner Carrasco, head of the General Investigations Division (DIG). Also according to a delegate, the material will be kept by the companies that own the brands. 20 police officers and seven vehicles participate in the action, as well as 11 people from law firms representing the brands.



Operation Promitheia, which began on September 2nd, lasted 3 weeks and involved officials from the Federal Revenue, Metropolitan Civil Guard and agents of São Paulo City Hall.

Between September 2nd and 20th, 44,479 items, valued at R$ 230 million, were seized; resulting in about 870 tons that were transported in 154 trucks.



Action this Monday (2) at Shopping 25 Brás aims to seize one thousand tons of goods valued at $ 500 thousand. They are watches, sneakers, bags and clothes.

The Federal Revenue and São Paulo City Hall carry out this Monday (2) an operation in a popular mall in São Paulo downtown against trade of counterfeit goods.

The target of the action is Shopping 25 Brás, in Rua Barão de Ladário. The expectation of the authorities is to seize about a thousand tons of smuggled and counterfeit goods, such as watches, sneakers, bags, clothes, luxury goods, valued at $ 500,000.

According to those responsible for the operation, the mall is the largest piracy distributor for Sao Paulo, other Brazilian states and even Latin America. Buses and trucks arrive daily from all over to pick up items that will then be resold outside of Sao Paulo.

All about 600 boxes of the commercial establishment will be inspected. The City of Sao Paulo will study the possibility of banning the property due to a series of...


On the night of Tuesday (8/20), the Federal Highway Police stopped a bus around 10 pm on BR 116, km 426 of municipality of Juquiá / SP.

Under surveillance, nothing was found, but when checking the interior of the luggage compartment of the vehicle, the agents found out 9 large boxes of the same sender that would be delivered to Tietê bus station.

Upon inspecting the interior in detail, several labels were found from famous brands such as Adidas, Nike and Lacoste.

These materials would be incorporated into clothing, sneakers, handbags, etc. to make them look original, so the occurrence was framed in Law 9.279 / 96 in its Chapter III (Crimes against trademarks), where in its Article 189 defines that they commit crimes against trademark registration who:

I - reproduces, without permission of the proprietor, in whole or in part, a trademark, or imitates it in a manner that may induce confusion; or

II - changes the trademark of others already bet on product placed on the market. Given the eviden...


A man was arrested last wednesday afternoon (14) for selling counterfeit alcoholic beverages in Osasco. In his possession were found empty containers and 95 bottles of fake whiskey of famous brands.

Civil Police officers from the 3rd Osasco Police Station (Demacro) were investigating reports that the resident of a property located on Rua da Alegria in Jardim São Pedro was selling counterfeit drinks to local bars and restaurants.

Upon investigation of the suspect site, Civil Police found a typical trade movement. The resident was approached and confessed the crime. He was arrested at the scene.

Inside his house, agents found drums filled with counterfeit alcoholic beverages, as well as empty bottles and over 95 bottles of brand-name whiskey ready for sale. The containers did not have the obligatory seals and seals required by the competent bodies. The drinks were seized and sent to forensics.



According to the Federal Highway Police, 80% of the seized products were counterfeit. The operation was in São José de Mipibu, in the metropolitan region of Natal.

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) seized 5,400 pairs of sneakers of different brands that were being transported in a Scania Truck at km 119 of BR 101, in São José de Mipibu, in the metropolitan region of Natal. The operation was carried out around 10 pm on Monday (12), but it was only disclosed on Tuesday (13).

According to the PRF, the cargo had irregular invoice, in addition to suspected of counterfeiting. A team from the State Taxation Department was called to investigate the irregularities. After finding the illegalities, the driver, the goods and the vehicle were sent to the flagrant center for legal proceedings.

The truck was sealed by the staff of the Tax Department and sent to the warehouse where the products were counted and audited. In addition to the crime of tax evasion, it was also found that about 80% of snea...


Among the material are counterfeit clothes and toys.

Civil Police from the State Department of Criminal Investigations (DEIC) seized more than 500 kg of counterfeit goods at Feirinha da Madrugada, in Brás, East Zone of São Paulo, on Tuesday (6).

Among the material seized at "Operation Dawn" are fake coats, pants, shirts, and toys. Three people were detained to testify.

Tuesday's action featured 40 police officers in 15 vehicles. The Feirinha da Madrugada should gain a new space in August 2020.

The administration of the place said, in a statement, that "police action at Feira da Madrugada focused on the seizure of counterfeit goods in five of the nearly 2,000 boxes in operation," and that "merchants are on sale contracts." lease duly regularized ".

"The products being sold are responsibility of the tenants, and the administration does not have any control over the goods. The supervision of the products can only be carried out by the police. The administration of Feira da Madrugada suppo...


São Paulo City Hall estimates that it has already seized about 1,667 tons of counterfeit products in 2019; 70% are clothes and footwear.

An operation carried out by the Civil Police and São Paulo City Hall seized aroud 17 tons of counterfeit products in Brás this Thursday. The City Hall estimates that around 1,667 tons of illegal products has already been seized this year; among this number, 70% are clothes and footwear.

The raid closed around 80 boxes at Largo da Concórdia and seized 70 thousand items. The National Front Against Piracy estimates that only last year Brazil has stopped earning $ 193 billion from the production and sale of counterfeit items. For City Hall Executive Secretary Fabio Lepique, the concern is to fight unfair competition. "Create a climate of order and respect for the law, respect for the right working people, eradicating whenever possible this unfair competition represented by piracy and the sale of these counterfeit goods," he said. Since December 2018, the Ci...


The owners of the stores will be identified and taken to police to give statement.

Civil police officers executed 14 search and seizure warrants at Feira dos Importados. The aim is to repress the sale of counterfeit goods in commerce, in particular, handbags and bags. The action, called Operation Bag, was launched in the morning of Wednesday (07/31/2019) and resulted in the seizure of five tons of products.

The investigations, which lasted about three months, are conducted by the Consumer Protection Division (DPCON) of the Consumer Crime, Immaterial Property and Fraud Office (Corf). The owners of the stores will be identified and later taken to the police station for their testimony. The complaints were made by the brands themselves.


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