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Shed owner, located in Feira de Santana, will respond to the lawsuit. Twenty-five employees worked on the site; sales were made on a wholesale basis and over the internet, police said.

A large quantity of counterfeit brand shoes was seized on Monday (16), in Feira de Santana, a city about 100 km from Salvador. The action was carried out by civil police officers from the Police Station for the Suppression of Theft and Cargo Theft (Decarga).

According to Decarga, the merchandise is valued at about R$ 2 million and was located in a warehouse in the CIS neighborhood, after complaints.

"We received a complaint and went to find out. They had shoes in general, all of them counterfeit. These products were seized, and the representatives of the brands arranged to send two carts to collect the material. We estimate R$ 2 million", reveals the delegate of Decarga, Gustavo Coutinho.

The delegate also informed that the material will be in another deposit, available to the Justice. "At the end of the pr...


This Wednesday, 11/11, the Civil Police, through the State Department of Criminal Investigations (Deic), seized 75,800 counterfeit products during an action carried out on Rua Barão de Ladario, in Brás, in the capital of São Paulo.

A team from the 1st Precinct of the Department of General Investigations (DIG) of the Department went to a place that stored garments and accessories in violation of the trademark registration. At the investigated address, 75,874 counterfeit products were collected.

The occurrence was registered as a crime against industrial property and a person is investigated.



Under the coordination of the Integrated Operations Secretariat of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, involving the civil police of ten states, on Thursday (5), the second phase of Operation 404, phase 2 was launched, with the objective of repressing crimes committed against intellectual property on the Internet.

25 judicial search and seizure warrants are being complied with, as well as the blocking and suspension of 252 websites and 65 streaming applications, which illegally transmit films, series and television programs.

The actions take place in the following states: Bahia, Ceará, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, Santa Catarina and São Paulo. All police work is monitored by the Integrated Center for National Command and Control (CICCN), in the Southern Police Sector, in Brasília.

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Police officers seized 2,700 items such as makeup, perfumes, shampoos and hair creams clandestinely handled in the countryside of the city.

A 38-year-old woman was arrested in Indaiatuba (SP) suspected of counterfeiting and clandestine manipulation of cosmetics. According to the Civil Police, 2,707 items of makeup, perfumes, shampoos and hair creams, among others, were seized in the property, in the countryside of the city.

The action carried out on Monday (26) was triggered by the team of the Department of Investigations on Organized Crime (Deic), who went to the site to collect information on handling cosmetic products without authorization from the Health Surveillance agencies.

The Civil Police reported that the woman claimed that she purchased original products in larger packages and fractionated the cosmetics at her home to make a profit from selling the smaller bottles. Still according to the corporation, the suspect, however, did not submit invoices to prove the origin of the pro...


The devices, imported irregularly, are the new "gato-net".

The Division of Vigilance and Suppression of Smuggling and Misappropriation of the Regional Superintendence of the Federal Revenue in the 7th Fiscal Region (ES / RJ) seized, this Wednesday (10/21), more than 100 thousand TV box sets during a major operation, still in progress, in Itaguaí / RJ.

The devices, imported irregularly, are considered the new "gato-net". This is already the biggest TV box seizure in the country. The work is a continuation of joint operations carried out since September, with an intense exchange of intelligence information between the Federal Revenue Service, the Federal Police and the Civil Police Special Resources Coordination.

TV box sets are used to access television channels by circumventing the official services of producers, in violation of copyrights, crimes against immaterial property and smuggling.



Police officers from the State Department of Criminal Investigations (Deic) seized about 7.4 tonnes of counterfeit goods on Friday (16). The action was taken during an operation against the sale of counterfeit items on Avenida Paulista, in the central region of the capital.

The agents of the 1st General Investigations Office (DIG) went to three popular shopping centers and carried out 15 search and seizure warrants in the investigated establishments. During the activities, seven other locations were fined for selling the products. 

The operation resulted in the seizure of about 7.4 tonnes of counterfeit watches, bags, cell phone accessories, clothing and sneakers. Altogether 17 people are investigated for crimes against Industrial Property.

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Joint operation gives organized crime a loss of R $ 50 million.

A joint operation between the Federal Revenue Service, the Civil Police and the Federal Police, which is underway this Friday (9/10), is resulting in several simultaneous seizures in the Port of Itaguaí and in the Dry Ports of Nova Iguaçu and Resende, throughout the State of Rio de Janeiro.

 The seizures are the result of exchanges of intelligence information between the Division of Surveillance and Suppression of Contraband  of the Federal Revenue, the Coordination of Special Resources of the Civil Police and the Federal Police. Tv box sets, which are used to access television channels by circumventing the official services of producers, in violation of copyright, crime against immaterial property and smuggling.

The seizure already represents a loss of more than R$ 50 million to organized crime, specifically to groups of militiamen who are dedicated to smuggling and this criminal modality.

The Federal Revenue informs tha...


The proximity of Children's Day makes state action in defense of the legal market and consumers even more important.

The Operation started today, October 5, by the Federal Revenue Service, focuses on a mall in São Paulo downtown, where counterfeit imported toys are sold. The expectation is that about 40 tons of toys will be seized, with a total value of R $ 10 million.

The action takes place in conjunction with the Sé City Hall and the Metropolitan Civil Guard.

The practice identified harms Brazilian traders, importers and producers who operate legally, subtracts legitimate jobs and withholds taxes, which are no longer collected in public coffers. Copyrights and trademarks are violated, discouraging investment by legitimate entrepreneurs in Brazil. There is a clear violation of consumer rights with clandestine products that do not meet security requirements. Poor quality toys are a risk factor for choking children, which can lead to death.

In addition to the loss of the seized goods, th...


According to investigations, drugs seized in the establishment, in addition to counterfeit, had no medical prescription and no concentration of substances on the labels.

The Civil Police of Bauru (SP) arrested on Wednesday (30) two people suspected of counterfeiting medicine and illegal practice of medicine.

Police officers from the General Investigations Sector in Bauru searched a compounding pharmacy, accompanied by the representative of the Regional Pharmacy Council. In the establishment, drugs were found without medical prescription, without concentration of substances on the label and counterfeit.

The two responsible for the establishment were flagrantly arrested and remained at the disposal of the Justice to be presented in a custody hearing.



Products were destined for São Paulo.

The Federal Revenue carried out an inspection action this Thursday on a carrier, in which 40 boxes were identified, each containing more than 100 pairs of counterfeit sneakers.

The approximately 4,000 pairs of illegal shoes were leaving Canoas and headed for São Paulo. It is believed that they were introduced in Brazil by the southern border. The products were seized. The inspection now continues with the survey, with the carrier, of the name of who paid for the transport and other data that lead to the real owners of the cargo.

In the same action, other items were found without documentation of regular entry into the country, such as cell phones and various equipment.



On Tuesday afternoon (01), around 2 pm, the PRF seized a load of counterfeit clothing from famous brands on the Presidente Dutra highway, in Jacareí / SP. The clothes were in the trunk of a car driven by a foreign man of Asian origin, who reported having acquired them in the Capital Paulista and was transporting them to São José dos Campos. No tax document was presented on the goods.

Federal highway policemen were conducting inspections at the Jacareí toll plaza when they approached a Toyota Fielder, plates from São Paulo, driven by a 42-year-old South Korean. In a search of the interior of the vehicle, the police found several plastic bags in the trunk, containing pieces of clothing with evident counterfeiting from known brands, such as: Lacoste, Nike, Reserva and Adidas.

Considering that no tax document was presented on the cargo, the merchandise was sent to the Federal Revenue Service, where it was seized. The car was also seized because it had expired documentation. In addition to...


Anonymous reporting took police from the 13th BAEP to a house in Jardim Pagani. At the site, containers and several fake stamps were seized.

The Military Police arrested a man suspected of maintaining a scheme for counterfeiting alcoholic beverages in a home in Bauru (SP).An anonymous tip took police officers from the 13th BAEP (Battalion of Special Police Actions) to a house on Rua João Virgínio de Souza, in Jardim Pagani, on Wednesday night (26).

At the site, the resident admitted the practice of counterfeiting and police found large quantities of containers with unidentified liquid inside and several fake stamps of known brands.

The material was seized and the suspect was sent to the Police Station, where he was detained pending a custody hearing.



Material was valued at approximately R$ 2 million. Agents took 16 people to the police station. They will respond for selling fake products, according to the Civil Police.

Civil police officers seized about four tons of counterfeit goods during an operation on Wednesday (19) in a region known as Retão dos Feirões, in Duque de Caxias, Baixada Fluminense.

The products were valued at approximately R$ 2 million. Shoes, clothing items and caps were among the materials seized. The agents took 16 people to the police station.

According to the corporation, they will respond for selling fake products. The operation was carried out by police officers from the Police Station for the Suppression of Crimes Against Immaterial Property (DRCPIM).



The expectation of the operation is to seize approximately R$ 20 million in goods.

The Federal Revenue, with the support of the City of São Paulo, initiated an action in a popular shopping center in the capital of São Paulo on Tuesday (18). This is the fifth phase of the Pseudopods operation against the sale of counterfeit shoes of foreign origin in the Brás region.

It is estimated that more than 250 thousand pairs of shoes will be seized, with a market value of approximately R$ 20 million. According to the Federal Revenue, the practice harms Brazilian traders, importers and producers who work legally, reduces formal jobs, in addition to evading taxes that are no longer collected in public coffers.

The action should last from three to four days, time necessary to remove the large amount of products. In addition to the seizure of the goods, those responsible may be responsible for the crime of smuggling.

The name of the operation is a reference to the Greek term which means false feet.



In the past few weeks, the Institution had already registered two other large seizures of counterfeit goods in Santos, one of 22 and the other of 21 tons.

The Federal Revenue, in an action initiated on Tuesday, August 11, seized 81.3 tons of counterfeit products packed in four containers. As in the last two seizures, registered on July 29 and August 4, it was a cargo passing coming from China, destined for the Port of Montevideo, in Uruguay.

T-shirts, tracksuits, sneakers, boots, shoes, sandals, cell phone cases, chargers, batteries, electronic cigarettes, TV Box sets and glasses, among others, were found in the cargo, with brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Nike, Dolce & Gabbana , Adidas, Mizuno, Dior, Chanel, Apple, LG, Samsung, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Ray-Ban. The goods were pressed in boxes and bales, in order to pack the largest possible amount of goods in a single container.

The products are similar to those found in the last two seizures, of 22 and 21 tons of counterfeit...

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