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Welcome to the restricted area of BPG´s website


Dear User,


The access to this area´s content is restricted to members and public authorities.


The e-mail used for registration must be a valid e-mail address from the Government Institution to which the public employee belongs. The registration validation will be subject to the compliance of this rule.


To complete the registration form and / or continuing access to restricted air by clicking the "Login / Register" below, you are expressly accepting and agreeing to the following restricted area exposed terms of use:


Once you log in or/and to keep accessing the restricted area clicking on the button “Login / Registre-se” below, you are declaring your express acceptance and agreement with the following term of use of the restricted area:


  1. 1.    This term regulates  the use of confidential information about the instruction to how recognize trademark counterfeit of the companies associated to BPG;

    2.    All users of the restricted area agree to keep confidential all information and images available in this area, in particular about characteristics of genuine products and how to differentiate them in comparison with counterfeit products, making sure that only public employees involved in the retention, seizure, technical expertise or any other proceedings related to counterfeit or smuggled products will have knowledge of the accessed content; 

    3.    It is strictly forbidden to reproduce the information or images available in this restricted area without written authorization from BPG, except making reference of characteristics of certain product or reproduction of products imagery on works of criminalistic nature, of responsibility of official experts from the Criminalistics Institute or Official Institutes of Expertise;

    4.    This restricted area users commit to not transmit, distribute or make available via any means the information available in this restricted area, without previous authorization from BPG;

    5.    BPG makes use of encryption techniques, firewalls and other technologies applicable to security, to protect the consistency and security of the information available in this restricted area, as well as to avoid non-authorized access and/or improper use;

    6.    In case of improper use of the information available on this restricted area or violation of any of the above mentioned terms, BPG reserves the right to limit access to the information on the website without any previous warning or consent from the users, without any prejudice to the applicable measures for the determination of responsibilities;

    7.    Any questions or inquiries regarding this term or the information available on the website or on the restricted area, should be direct via our e-mail :


    Click on the button below to register or to log in. The user will receive a confirmation e-mail validating the registration and from that point on, you can log in via the same button. Please, record you password. BPG does not have access to user’s passwords; therefore BPG is not able to change it.  .

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