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Brand Protection Group - BPG


Brand Protection Group – BPG, is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 by some well-known brands which aims to combat counterfeiting in Brazil. The main objective of the association also includes fighting all intellectual property rights violations, unfair competition, smuggling and the trade of illicit products that do not meet requirements of the Government regulators. BPG bylaws also include the protection of Consumer Rights.


The current members of BPG are Adidas, Alpargatas, Bic, Calvin Klein, Canon, Chanel, Christian Dior, Diageo, Faber-Castell,  Louis Vuitton, Lacoste, Merck, Nike, Philip Morris, Procter & Gamble, Puma, Swedish Match and Tommy Hilfiger.


To comply with its social objective, the Association acts with the relevant agencies of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches.

Seminars and Trainings about Trademark Counterfeiting


Since its creation, BPG has prioritized holding seminars and trainings about Trademark Counterfeiting for public authorities. Through events organized by BPG, the National Council to Combat Piracy – the CNCP, or in partnership with other institutions, over 10,000 public servants have already received information about the counterfeiting of trademarks owned by the companies in association with BPG, among which are inspectors from Federal Revenue, Prosecutors, Judges, Police Chiefs, Officers and experts from the Civil and Federal Police, State and Municipal authorities.

Cooperation covenants with Public Agencies

BPG signs cooperation agreements with public agencies, aiming to provide authorities with information about illegal products commerce, technical and operational support for suppression of counterfeit products trading. In addition, BPG provides services such as the elaboration of counterfeiting reports as well as holding seminars, trainings and courses about counterfeiting products of member companies. For example, has signed a covenant with the General Prosecutor Officer of São Paulo State.

The cooperation work of BPG with other public agencies includes also the destruction, in an ecologically responsible way, of counterfeit products seized in suppression operations. This includes the destruction of such varied items as cigarette lighters, glasses, tennis shoes, bags and other goods seized by the Federal Revenue.

Acting with the Legislature

Prioritizing the approval of the Bill 333/99 that increases the penalties for crimes against trademarks counterfeiting and unfair competition, BPG has participated in meetings, seminars and events held in the National Congress, aiming to sensitize Federal Deputies and the President of the House of Representatives to these issues and pushing for the approval of Bill 333/99.

}BPG also works together with the Especial Committee, which analyses the propositions regarding combating piracy, called Cepirata, for the enhancement of bills concerning this matter which proceed through the National Congress.  BPG also works with the Parliamentary Group Against Piracy. Furthermore, BPG participates in the Working Group within the National Council to Combat Piracy – CNCP, to analyze and strengthen portions of the New Criminal Code Project.

BPG in the National Council to Combat Piracy – CNCP

The Brand Protection Group (BPG) is member of the Nacional Council to Combat Piracy and Crimes Against Intellectual Property . CNCP is an agency of the Ministry of Justice that has as a primary goal to study and propose measures and actions aiming to combat piracy and crimes against Intellectual Property in the country, among other activities. The Council is composed of public agencies bound to several Ministries, including the Department of Federal Police, Department of Federal Highway Police, Secretariat of Federal Revenue, National Secretariat of Public Security, and representatives of civil organizations and associations chosen by the Justice Minister.

The Association is represented on the Council by its President, Newton Vieira Junior, and by its Executive Secretary, Guatimozin Santos.

Acting with the Legislative
BPG in the National Council to Combat Piracy - CNCP
About BPG
Seminars and Trainings
Cooperation covenants with the Public Agencies


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